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Everything starts with a dream...

I was a dreamer since I remember myself...  

Vivid pictures of the most unreal and spectacular reveries are always parading in my mind fueling my imagination - good that natural predisposition for engineering and unstoppable desire for active development made me an artist who does not linger over those marvellous pictures but who brings them to life! 
I love to give people a possibility to unleash their inner self, to experience something unusually beautiful and dreamy - something fragile and tender but surrealistically eternal... It was never solely about the photo session, it always was about experiencing the desired dream wide awake that can bring to life great parts of their personalities that were hitherto dormant.


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Photography we create:

· Fashion

· High Fashion
· Fine Art

· Fantasy

· Wedding

· Engagement
· Senior 
· Portrait
· Events

· Boudoir 
· Cosplay 
· Pets 

Anatomy of the desires...

Every project is unique, specially adjusted for the desires of the one who wants it to come alive! I prefer to perceive my photography in the same way as the painter looks at the canvas. Every detail matter, each new stroke of the brush brings something new to the viewer, and all elements, light and shadows, emotions and atmosphere create the perfect combination that makes the picture look surreal and yet quite ethereal... 
It all starts with an idea. And if you can imagine it - I can bring it to life in the most creative way possible!



Don't be shy - I don't bite. 

I hope that it already made you feel at ease and from now you can be sure that I'm a living being who will not treat you oddly no matter what is it that you desire. I am here to assist you or to guide you if you need me. 
Naturally, we all have dreams and desires. Sometimes it makes us wonder if there are other realms and universes where all that we imagine can be real. From visual images that can parade in our imagination to the very feasible development and changes that are so desired...The best thing is that, after all, it is always us who can make those beautiful reveries come true! 

Shall we begin?



Dante Heks