I started my creative journey as a photographer with a great love for art creation. With time it appeared that my soul, which is always hungry from new artistic exploits can benefit from modelling as well. Must say that it was easier after more than 10 years of experience as a photographer because I knew exactly how to pose and from where this particular position shall be captured to have the best results.

Well, I simply love what I do and I do what I love!


Fashion/High fashion


Fantasy/Fine Art

After a long journey of my artistic discoveries, trials and experiments my soul is strongly inclined towards one genre - Fine Art/Fantasy Photography. Perhaps I simply love to bring visions from reveries to life or to enchant this realm with something more unusual and dreamy. Maybe it's about the ploy of light and shadows that alone can create unrealistically looking photos that express an idea, some sort of a message or set of emotions that only live in the imagination - in the brief moment when the shot was captured. Each time it's a new adventure that exudes with freedom and something new, something that makes reality more vibrant...





My love for the Witcher Universe made me feel really empowered for this cosplay. It was a splendid adventure, indeed! Yennefer has a special character and features that, I daresay you must feel deep inside to embody her personality in this world… Good that the weather was actually sunny but oddly stormy - it facilitated greatly the realistic feeling of the proper environment of the landscapes where Yenn was - specifically Skellige. Magic was right in the air…



We wandered through the rocks and forest, through the lands where no men dwell. Trees gave us shelter, the wind sang songs about the forgotten legends, leaves were the softest down-bed we could desire. We met some great comrades and encountered monstrous creatures. We were intact with our destiny and it made our path unforgettable... 

The cosplay of Cirilla became my dream project since I finished reading the Witcher books and we started to play The Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt. 
I am more than happy that it worked! Moreover, the outcome of our joint efforts resulted in something I can be really proud of... 
It was an unforgettable experience to embody the character I always shared the most similarities with. Additionally, walking through the forests in the suit made of genuine leather that Mary-Ann's Workshop and I were working on for a while and holding the steel sword forged in Kuźnia Kalcifer made it all feel real. We stayed till the late night in the depths of a forest to capture more photos in the darkness and share the joy of the fulfilled project!